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    • Emily’s Case Study

      Emily’s Case Study

      Emily has been visiting Laser Removal Clinic for ongoing treatment to remove an unwanted tattoo, and couldn’t be happier with both the results and friendly service she has recieved. I …

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    • Mary’s Case Study

      Mary’s Case Study

      Mary had tattoo’s on 3 separate parts of her body – her abdomen, right ankle and left ankle – which she wanted removed. A mixture of lasers were used on …

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    • Pippa’s Case Study

      Pippa’s Case Study

      Pippa came to Laser Removal Clinics after three years of pursuing various unsuccessful hair removal methods for her upper lip and chin, including sonic, electrolysis and intensive IPL treatments at …

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    • Paul’s Case Study

      Paul’s Case Study

      Paul has recieved treatment to remove a tattoo through Laser Removal Clinic. I have been receiving treatment from Katrina at Laser Removal Clinic for a year and could not be …

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    • Heather’s Case Study

      Heather’s Case Study

      Heather initially trailled IPL treatment with little success before she decided to contact Katrina – Laser Technician at Laser Removal Clinic. I would highly recommend Katrina at the Laser Removal …

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    • Daniela’s Case Study

      Daniela’s Case Study

      Daniela initially began recieving laser treatment for her bikini line, and quickly realised the benefits… ”I have been recieving hair laser treatment for over two years with the clinic and …

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