How exactly does laser hair removal work?

Hair is for sure something that people are proud of, especially women. Long hair is usually the preference for most women, but hair is less welcome when other parts of the body are concerned.

Hairy arms, legs and other body parts are something that a lot of people do not want and they need to test out different methods designed for hair removal. There are several options available, depending on one’s preferences, but currently laser hair removal is one of the most popular and reliable solutions.

This method is a recent discovery in comparison to shaving for example, but it is able to yield results that surpass any other solution available on the market. The principle behind laser hair removal is simple enough, involving a machine that concentrates light into powerful beams that are sent towards the target area. The laser is applied in close proximity of the skin so that it has maximum effect.


The technician conducting the process will test the laser on a single portion of the skin and see if the calibration is correctly achieved. This calibration is done with respect to the colour of the hair, its texture and its thickness. Also the laser’s power is adjusted taking into consideration the area that is targeted, but also the skin’s colour. This way, the light beam cannot be too powerful but it cannot be too weak, either. The actual principle of this laser hair removal process relies on the light that goes right into the follicles of the hair. The surge of light that penetrates the follicles, is absorbed by pigment. This simple process destroys the hair and, if done properly, it can do it once and for all.

This hair removal method is not designed to be 100% effective after a single session, because remains of the root can still provide enough support for new hair to grow. However, most customers who choose this method notice that after about five sessions, hair does not grow back at all. This is usually the number of session that must be performed for a complete and permanent hair removal. However, for those that only want prolonged periods of time without hair in certain areas, one or two sessions can be enough.

In comparison to other solutions, the laser method is much more effective and it is also virtually painless. Pain is usually the decisive factor when it comes to removing unwanted hair from areas of the body and as a result, many people opt for simpler solutions that do not yield perfect results.

The only risks involved when it comes to laser hair removal come into play if the patient spends too much time in the sun or does not apply anti-inflammatory lotions, if needed. These rare and relatively minor risks can be avoided with a bit of care.

On the other hand, when someone decides to go to a waxing session, he or she knows that quite a lot of pain is involved depending on the area that is targeted. In time pain will go, but it is usually not worth the effort. Waxing is more efficient than tweezing however, which involves removing one hair at a time. This is also a process that takes much longer to complete and it is not usually recommended except for eyebrows.

Thus, anyone that wants to remove unwanted body hair with ease and benefit from long lasting results can try the laser method. It does not hurt and as long as one takes care of the freshly treated skin areas, no issues should appear. This method is also the only option that can provide permanent results in just a few sessions. This makes it a preferred solution by a lot of people who have issues with unwanted body hair that either grows back too fast or too thick.