Increasing number of women are having tattoos removed by laser

A third of all women regret having a tattoo, and eventually get them lasered off

Laser tattoo removalAlthough modern tattoos have been around for decades, they are becoming more popular every year as a means of self-expression. A fifth of the population is said to have at least one tattoo, however more and more people are equally as desperate to have them removed. As women are growing older and focus more on their careers, tattoo removal via laser has become a booming industry.

Recent statistics from the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) suggest a third of people with tattoos regret them. Every day women who have split up with their boyfriend and want his name obliterated, or women who had a botched tattoo, or those who hate the design or — increasingly — those who realised a tattoo simply doesn’t fit with the middle-class life to which they now aspire, are getting them lasered off.

Pretty much everyone agrees it’s far more painful than having a tattoo done in the first place, however the discomfort is worth it if a tattoo from a different era in your life is causing you a problem.

Certain colours within tattoos are also problematic: you can’t get rid of white and yellow, and turquoise and light green are also difficult. This is because the laser works by shattering the pigment in a tattoo, which the body then filters out naturally. But pale colours are too similar to many skin tones for the laser to be able to detect them.

There are two types of laser beams: a green one to get rid of the lighter colours and a red one, which penetrates deeper to zap the black, red and blue pigments. After the session, an antiseptic, anti-bacterial cream is applied and the area covered with a dressing.

If you want a tattoo removed, it is important to understand that only a highly skilled laser technician can guarantee the safest and most effective results. We offer many years of experience at Laser Removal Clinic, and we are available at any time should you have any questions about your removal.

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