Our Technology

We continually reinvest in the latest and very best products and technology, to make our service more effective and comfortable. We only use medical-grade lasers as these provide superior results, quicker treatment times and most importantly of all, patient safety.

Hair Removal

Our Candela GentleLase machine has achieved Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for laser hair removal. This model offers significant advantages over other machines on the market, including a unique cryogen spray that cools the upper layers of the skin before treatment to ensure a comfortable client experience. It’s also incredibly fast, treating hair in a fraction of the time of other machines.

See below for a video demonstration of the Candela GentleLase:

Tattoo Removal

We are the only clinic to have 2 different lasers designed for tattoo removal. Our Sinon QS Ruby laser treats black, blue and green ink; while our Con Bio Medlite C3 QS laser is used for all other colours. This range of equipment allows us to target and customise our treatment plan more effectively for each individual tattoo.

These machines remove unwanted tattoos extremely quickly and reliably. Even challenging colours are reduced or removed completely after treatment. Unwanted pigments are selectively and precisely removed while protecting the surrounding skin, ensuring no scarring.  A skin-cooling attachment is also used to improve client comfort.

Tattoo removal works using different wavelengths of laser as follows:

1064 wavelength can only be used on black Ink.

694 wavelength is only used on green, turquoise and black ink.

532 wavelength can be used on red, orange, pink, brown, yellow and white ink.