Why Autumn and Winter is the perfect time for laser hair removal

There is actually a very good reason why colder weather provides the ideal opportunity to have those laser removal sessions.

Our clinic on Harley Street in London is getting busier all the time. As word spreads about our services, we pick up more and more new clients by way of referral or recommendation. It’s the ultimate flattery, and we’re very grateful to all our new clients, and to those who recommend them to us.

As I write this post it’s mid-August. The school summer holidays are in full swing, the sun is shining and everyone is enjoying the best of what British summertime has to offer. However many do not realise in fact, that it is the colder months in Autumn and Winter that actually provide the best window of opportunity to have unwanted hair removed by laser.

Why is this? Well, the most important piece of advice we give our clients following their sessions is to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for the first few days. This is important as strong sunlight can increase the risk of hyper-pigmentation in the skin after laser treatment. Without such exposure, the risk is virtually zero in most cases. When are you least likely to be exposed to strong sunlight? You guessed it, in Autumn and Winter.

So you’re aware, it is absolutely safe to have laser hair removal in the height of summer. There are laser clinics in some of the hottest parts of the world after all, like Dubai, Africa and the Southern States of America. As long as you follow the guidelines and cover the treated areas completely for the first few days, you’ll be absolutely fine.

In summary, you can have your laser sessions whenever you like and as long as you follow our guidelines, it is perfectly safe to do so come rain or shine. If however you want hair removed from an area that is difficult to cover up, for example on your face or neck, you might consider the colder months a more convenient time to avoid the need for a potentially awkward cover-up or to stay indoors.